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March 2013

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As the newly appointed Chairman of the Trustees of Camberley Care Trust, I welcome you to our new website which I hope you will find both informative and simple to navigate.  I wish to thank those of my colleagues who have worked hard to create it.  It will be our aim to keep the site under regular review and to publish, from time to time, topics of interest regarding our activities.  We are keen to attract new clients for our services and additional volunteers so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help and/or provide further information.  We would, also, very much welcome donations to assist us to continue to provide very valuable services  to the community.

We would welcome any constructive comments you may wish to make about this website or, indeed, our services.

Peter Close
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Camberley Care Trust

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Your local charity

Our aim to is make your life a little simpler, providing handyman services and care cars.

150 150 jsymons

This is what is happening in Camberley

More and more elderly residents are discovering Camberley Care.

They like the fact that their driver has been security checked and that the same person looks after them throughout the whole visit